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Pplane8 online dating

This actual corresponds to the coordinates in a computer window, since rows count down." ##math, Amehd,1363624933.72, B being Dedekind gives you that it is Noetherian and thus every ideal is finitely generated.But I still don't see why one would say that these fractional ideals look like principal ideals of B.

If you don't think so, you would exclude yourself from the question, because you would be a bright counerexmaple." ##math, Navar12,1351924912.26, The concentration C of a medication in a bloodstream t hours after being administered is modeled by the function -0.002x^4 0.039t^3 - 0.285t^2 0.766t 0.085 ;; (a) after how many hours will the concentration be highest? y = exp(a*x) and y = exp(b*x) are both expomental functions, but they increase with different rate.Any normal computer would take up to weeks for the same results. R.png" ##math, Galois,1365519667.3," Suppose that a kite string forms a 45 degree angle with the ground when 740cm of string are out. " ##math, God Did It,1359961493.2, smithw: you can define the square root on anything that has multiplication.##math, Debby,1359939439.78, Something like: Step one. Whether the square root of individual elements exist and/or are unique is what varies with structure ##math, Guest428,1352860137.06, Let G be a simply connected domain, z_0 a point in G, f a function holomorphic around z_0.just continious continuation or complex differentiation up to that point along the path).Can we conclude that f possesses an analytic continuation to G? I am trying to find out some properties of kernel inner products in a RKHS. If k: X \times X \to R is k(x,y) = \sum _^\infty \phi_i(x) \phi_j(y), shouldn't \int_X \phi_i(x) \phi_j(x)dx = {1 if j=i, 0 if j \ne i?

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" ##math, Holo,1355587550.01, Is there a function f(z) holomorphic on all of C so that f(n) = n! At first I was thinking no, and was considering f(z) / gamma(z 1), but now I think this was the wrong direction to go, and that such a function might even exist. " ##math, Holomorphism1,1360830970.15," Anyone familiar with MATLAB? f = exp(- (Rx)^T C (Rx) ), is this more general or is this a waste ? in uni i only did numerical integration in 1d, not sure if these methods work the same in 2d...